Thursday, October 25, 2012

Window 8 - awsome, now the world has changed!

Window 8 !Really awsome .. now the world is changing towards new look and feels of apps.

Thanks Steve, Bill and whole Window 8 Team!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Some Intresting facts about Permanent Account Number of Indian Republic

Intresting facts about Permanent Account Number of Indian Republic

PAN is a 10 digit alpha numeric number, where the first 5 characters are letters, the
next 4 numbers and the last one a letter again. These 10 characters can be
divided in five parts as can be seen below. The meaning of each number has been
explained further.
1. First three characters are alphabetic series running from AAA to ZZZ
2. Fourth character of PAN represents the status of the PAN holder.
• C — Company
• P — Person
• H — HUF(Hindu Undivided Family)
• F — Firm
• A — Association of Persons (AOP)
• T — AOP (Trust)
• B — Body of Individuals (BOI)
• L — Local Authority
• J — Artificial Juridical Person
• G — Government
3. Fifth character represents first character of the PAN holder’s last name/surname.
4. Next four characters are sequential number running from 0001 to 9999.
5. Last character in the PAN is an alphabetic check digit.
Nowadays, the DOI (Date of Issue) of PAN card is mentioned at the right (vertical)
hand side of the photo on the PAN card.

For more inforamtion please visit Indian official website